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Peace is the Power Within You

Awakening Peace Programs

  • Art of Listening
  • Peace from the Inside Out
  • Compassion4U
  • From Person to Presence - Just B
  • Awakening Peace
  • Peace in Relationships
  • Path of Reconciliation

Our Awakening Peace programs embrace the healing power of deep and empathic listening, beginning with compassion for oneself and expanding compassion for others. Our guided meditations support awakening inner peace and freedom. New refreshing skills will aid you in releasing old wounds, bringing forth compassionate action even in challenging situations. You will learn peace building skills and practices that you can implement into your daily life leading you to greater freedom and peace. Contact us to discuss your interest.



Lisa and Brian helped us embrace conflict as an invitation to explore meaning and to deepen true connection with our students and colleagues. They gave us tools to find compassion and peace within ourselves, then with our community. Lisa and Brian worked with us to help us suspend our judgments as we listen. They also helped us listen without composing what we are going to say next. Participants raved about the workshop. Tara Gray PH.D. New Mexico State University

Lisa and Brian are both a great asset to any community they happen to be part of.  They are a powerful healing/teaching team. Their compassionate listening in relationship, and other workshops I’ve attended were very insightful and well organized. They plan well beforehand, and are at ease in letting the group evolve in the moment.  (I say this coming from a background in group facilitation; so my standards in this area are pretty high!) If you are reading this because Lisa and Brian are coming your way; then you are fortunate indeed.

The Peace In Relationship” workshop gave us amazing new tools to use in connecting with each other and gave us ways to effectively use them in our personal lives. A Thankful Couple

Bless this state of grace!

I’m deeply touched at the end of these seven days. Life after this will be a new adventure. I feel like I just got off a ladder ten stories up the shaft of awareness. I am exhausted, but exhilarated.  This practice of compassion and compassionate listening is very humbling; I feel challenged in a way I’ve never felt before, with a strong sense of connectedness with every one of the participants after what we shared as a group and exchanged as individuals and by curious extension, I feel a new kind of connectedness with all beings around me. Wherever I go, I meet strangers whose lives appear tenderly fragile, whose faces hold the potential for injury or enlightenment. I release judgment, the inner quarrels, the treadmill of tiring mental acrobatics. To be present with heartfelt intent and show my light ˆ that’s what’s on now. I felt seen and loved, held and cherished in that space. Ah, to carry this forward regardless! My thanks to Brian and Lisa and Eve for their devotion. Alexa D.

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